Instagram Adds a New Filter: Brand Share

Company Culture, Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Jul 16, 2015 by chenpr

Although HR is a topic a bit outside of my comfort zone, one interest I do have in common with HR managers is using social media platforms to reach a target audience. You read that correctly; HR managers are finding innovative new ways of communicating through Instagram. founder and CEO J.T. O’Donnell recently shared her first experiences using Instagram in an article in Inc. and quickly saw past the droves of #foodies and #fitspo, recognizing the photo sharing network’s potential as a recruiting tool. Like me, when you think of online job searching, LinkedIn or maybe Twitter are the first to come to mind. The aesthetically pleasing photo-sharing platform I use to post pictures of food, travel and my dog doesn’t even come close.

O’Donnell’s logic is that your best customers want to work for you, so it would make sense that your followers would too. Sounds reasonable, right? She also notes that half of today’s work force consists of millennials (under the age of 35), and as a member of this group I can tell you the social media app I open most often on my phone is Instagram. I think it’s safe to say that she’s on to something.

O’Donnell’s observations are all fine and dandy, but this isn’t an HR blog it’s a PR blog… so what does this have to do with public relations?

As I was reading the article I kept thinking how great it is to find your best use for a social media platform that can be tricky to master for professional purposes. As a PR agency we have a great presence on Twitter and LinkedIn because we’re very in tune with our audience and what our voice needs to be in order to be effective across those platforms. However, Instagram is another beast. What is the voice of a small Boston-based PR agency that specializes in B2B high technology companies on a social network best known for its Lo-Fi filter? To answer that we turned back to our roots: Boston.

At the risk of pumping our own tires, CHEN has always been deeply involved in our community. Whether it’s innovation and entrepreneurial events or volunteering to clean up our own ‘hood in Downtown Crossing, we never shy away from giving back and getting involved. Among the denizens of this community and the events they attend are Instagram using, hashtag dropping, brilliant and innovative millennials. It’s important to us to feel deeply rooted in our own city and the experience through which we build that with our Boston community have found a home on our Instagram account.

Instagram has also become a great way to get to know the faces and personalities behind the agency. Whether it be dressing up in costume for Halloween or taking a group selfie in between cornhole games, we love to share our work as well as our play with our peers over social media.


We’ll continue to build our Instagram presence and share the latest and greatest moments from the CHEN gang, so give us a follow here. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to at 71 Summer and around the hub!