It takes all kinds

Uncategorized Posted Nov 4, 2010 by metropolis

One of the fun parts of the agency model is that you get to work with all types and sizes of companies. Working with larger, publicly traded clients definitely has its perks and advantages, as does helping companies who are at that threshold grow into those companies. Earlier this week I was reminded of the fun that comes from helping hot emerging companies stake their fair share of PR.

Our agency has been working with online billing platform provider Vindicia, out of Belmont, CA, for coming up on three years now. It’s been very rewarding to work alongside this team as they build an ever-expanding, successful business focusing on providing a solution to digital merchants — such as Symantec, Activision Blizzard, Intuit, and Atari/Cryptic — that employ a recurring payment commerce model.

On Monday Vindicia announced it has received $20M in additional funding to enable it to continue to expand to meet demand for its solution. (The news was covered by TechCrunch and VentureBeat, and picked up in the New York Times, New York Times DealBook and The Wall Street Journal Venture Capital Dispatch blog, among other outlets.)

It was a noteworthy milestone for Vindicia, and it’s fun to take a moment and reflect on all the work we’ve done together leading up to this milestone. And the best part is – the ride ain’t over yet…