It’s OK! We still have the Red Sox

Uncategorized Posted Jul 8, 2013 by Kayla Krause

“Sweet Caroline, ba ba baaaa. Good times never seem so good…” Just listen to the Red Sox’s song, I mean it’s played at every home game in the middle of the eighth inning. But seriously, times will get better, and then it’ll be “So good! So good! So good!” I know, it’s been a rough month for Boston sports – do I dare to recap? Well, just to set the stage for this blog, I will.

celticsIt began with rumors of a few Celtics players being traded. Both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s contracts were on the verge of expiring and there was talk about “rebuilding” the Boston professional basketball team for next season. We had lost Ray Allen to the already stacked Miami team for the 2012-2013 season – but what was probably even worse was watching Ray Ray win the championship with the Heat a few weeks ago (ouch.)

To top it off, just five days later, Head Coach Doc Rivers was acquired by the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for an unprotected 2015 NBA first round draft pick…don’t worry, it gets worse for the Celtics. Two days later during the NBA draft, both Pierce and Garnett are shipped off to the New Jersey, oh excuse me, the Brooklyn Nets.

Now let’s switch to the Aaron Hernandez case – carazy! After his house was searched and his phone was handed over “in pieces” to the police, it seemed a little fishy. But once the Patriots “barred” Hernandez from the NFL team, we all figured this was NOT good sign for the 23 year-old tight end…and it turned out not to be so good when Hernandez was arrested on June 26.

Just two days before that, the Boston Bruins were defeated in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Tough game – yes, but man did we play like hell to get there. As rough as those last couple minutes were to watch against the Chicago Blackhawks, we have to remember the run the Bruins had. fenwayIt was a great season, especially in the playoffs, beating Toronto in the epic game 7 of that series. Not to mention, sweeping the Penguins was pretty sweet too.

But enough of this “worst week ever” stuff. Did you know the Red Sox are in first place? Yep, first in the Eastern division and third overall in the Major League! Whoda thought? After losing a manager that lasted only a year (though probably for the better) and losing key players this year, whether to trades (Youkilis) or retirees (Wakefield) – the Red Sox are turning out to be pretty darn good.

So let’s stop focusing on the negative and jump on this positive Red Sox bandwagon, huh? I don’t want to speak too soon since All-Star week is almost here (and we all know how that goes for us post All-Star game) but I think we could be in good contention for the playoffs…if all goes well. That being said, let’s go Sox!!