It’s Still America’s Technology Highway

Uncategorized Posted Mar 30, 2006 by metropolis

From my co-founder Brenda Nashawaty…

Yesterday business executives from Europe and the U.S. gathered in a conference room just off Route 128 to talk about helping European companies enter U.S. markets.

The meeting was hosted by MentoNet, a professional mentoring organization in Silicon Valley, the Boston area and European technology centers. MentoNet introduced EuroUS Ventures, its new €100 million fund to bring private European companies to the U.S.

These companies already have traction in their home countries. MentoNet is successful because their management and their portfolio companies understand that it’s not enough to have a great product or service. Doing business in the U.S. requires leadership, investors and advisors who understand how to succeed in our markets.

We also heard from a representative of the Swiss Consulate in Cambridge on the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) which promotes entrepreneurship. MentoNet is working with CTI to help their member companies enter or expand in the U.S.