Jerry Maguire and the Geek

Uncategorized Posted Mar 20, 2006 by metropolis

Guy Kawasaki’s blog has recently become a morning “must read” for me. Last week’s post on The Art of the Board Meeting tells you why. He’s distilled the essential board of directors to the following types (in a nutshell):

  • The Customer – Representing the type of person you’re selling to.
  • The Geek – Provides a reality check on your technical team.
  • Dad or Mom – The comforter and pro-bono psychiatrist.
  • The Tightass – Or just plain asskicker.
  • Jerry Maguire – Owner of a platinum Rolodex.
  • The CEO – Someone who has not just been a CEO he/she is doing it right now.

According to Kawasaki, “Collectively, your board should provide guidance, support, and connections. If it doesn’t, frankly, it’s your fault.”

Thank you Simon for telling me to shape up and read this.