Join Us for a Fascinating MIT Enterprise Forum Event

Uncategorized Posted Jan 26, 2012 by chenpr

CHEN PR works with the Innovation Series Committee of MITEF to help drive ideas, attendance and interest for the monthly events, which range in topics from Green Buildings to Sports Marketing to Biotechnology. We are very involved in the upcoming event, “The Future of the Personal Genome” on February 8 at the MIT EG&G Education Center.

Harvesting genetic information has gone from being very expensive down to about $1,000. With enormous amounts of genome data available, new therapies are developing to apply drugs that show promise based on the patient’s genetic makeup. Cancer, ALS, Parkinsons and other life-threatening diseases are being targeted.

The speakers we have brought together are world renowned, including Dr. George Clark, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical and founder of The Personal Genome Project; Colin Hill, President and CEO of GNS Healthcare; Jamie Heywood, co-founder and Chairman of PatientsLikeMe; Dr. Michael Pellini, President and CEO, Foundation Medicine; and the moderator is Dr. Kevin Davies, Editor-in-Chief of Bio-IT World and author of “The $1,000 Genome.”

Topics to be discussed will be as far ranging as new methods to access and interpret personal genome data, the impact of genome data in a clinical setting, and the benefits and risks of de-privatizing personal genome and health data in the Facebook era.

We hope you will join us! Just click here to register