July Top Press Hits: Bylines and Breaches and Products, Oh My!

Cyber Security, High Technology Posted Jul 27, 2018 by Doug De Orchis

School may still be out for the summer, but there’s no break in education for high tech! Our clients remained hard at work this month educating readers by publishing bylines about subjects ranging from Shadow IT to cyber insurance. Others shared news about innovative new products they’ve just introduced to the cybersecurity market. Here’s a sample of our clients’ handiwork this July.



CEO Radio, An Internationally-Recognized Innovator

WCBS News Radio 880 host Ray Hoffman posted a segment on CEO Radio highlighting Cadenza Innovation’s World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers win. The clip features a snippet of Cadenza Innovation’s Founder and CEO, Christina Lampe-Onnerud, speaking during a recent interview with Ray and mentions the company’s recent funding from Golden Seeds.


Digital Guardian

Threatpost, Unsanctioned Apps Invite Fox into Cybersecurity Hen House

Tim Bandos, VP of Cybersecurity, wrote a byline about unsanctioned (shadow) applications, which are apps that haven’t been cleared by a company’s information security team. After sharing some of the more popular examples of unsanctioned apps, Tim dives into how these apps, on employee machines, have long been a popular attack vector for saboteurs and employees looking to leak data.



SecurityWeek, Flashpoint Launches Ransomware Response & Readiness Service

This month Flashpoint announced a new service that the company launched, known as “Threat Response & Readiness Subscription”. This subscription is designed to help organizations prepare and respond to ransomware and other types of cyber extortions. SecurityWeek highlighted the service in a conversation that reporter Ed Kovacs had with Flashpoint’s VP of Intelligence, Tom Hofmann. Tom shared how Flashpoint provides research on the threat actor launching the attack, engages with the attacker in an effort to determine appropriate mitigations, and even helps the victim acquire cryptocurrency in case they decided to pay the ransom.


Forum Systems

eWEEK, Forum Systems: Product Overview and Insight

In this product overview, Forum Sentry API Security Gateway is reviewed for its ability to enable enterprises and government organizations to create code-free APIs that secure access to complex enterprise applications. The reviewer notes that while the product’s pricing is at the higher end of the scale, the product remains unmatched among its competitors.


Lakeside Software

ComputerWorld, It’s time for IT to get out of the shadows  

Lakeside Software’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tal Klein, discussed how businesses need to dispense the term “Shadow IT,” stating that departmental or consumerized IT growth within organizations is more reflective of changes in society, technology, and the nature of work than it is reflective of the IT organization itself, and that IT leaders shouldn’t necessarily feel uneasy about its existence. Tal goes on to explain how IT leaders can monitor both of these. He concluded that the critical goal to successfully get IT out of the shadows is visibility. Visibility is key because as device drivers, operating systems and applications increasingly move to the cloud, delivered as SaaS offerings, organizations lose significant visibility of the availability and performance of their applications.



Dark Reading, Singapore Health Services Data Breach Exposes Info on 1.5 Million People

Attackers exposed information on 1.5 million people after Singapore Health Services data breach. Among those victims, attackers specifically targeted Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong’s medication data. SafeBreach’s CTO & co-founder, Itzik Kotler, provided some insight on why this is concerning and what the effects could be based on the hackers’ intentions. Described as the biggest data breach of its kind in the country, identity card numbers, names, birthdates, addresses, gender, and race information on 1.5 million SingHealth clinic patients were taken.



Threatpost, How Cyber Insurance Changes the Conversation Around Risk

Penned by RiskLens’ Nick Sanna, the CEO discussed why the topic of “risk” changes when cyber insurance is involved. As most business insurance policies don’t include cyber-attacks and related events, companies are increasingly buying cyber insurance. This byline details how to balance threat exposures and protect assets with insurance against hacking, breaches, and vulnerabilities.