JupiterResearch: Teens Love Online Videos

Uncategorized Posted Feb 6, 2007 by metropolis

Anyone with a teen at home will find no surprises here. If you’re lucky, your teen has shared the priceless videos of Mentos/Diet Coke explosions, brides and bad hair and the guy who does an ad-quality video (created on his Mac) on how much he hates his Mac.

JupiterResearch has given us the numbers to quantify this trend. Jupiter found that 53 percent of online teens watch video on the Internet occasionally and 22 percent of them view video weekly or more frequently. (Judging by the viewing patterns in our house, one can safely assume much of this viewing goes on between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.)

From the press release:

“Younger consumers tend to be extremely savvy about online media so it’s not surprising that teens are making significant use of Internet video,” said Joe Laszlo, Senior Analyst and Research Director with JupiterResearch. “Moreover, teen frequent video viewers tend to be both active online and socially influential. For example, 47 percent of them buy products and services online, compared with the 33 percent of online teens overall who make such purchases.”

(Again – more real-life validation. Our credit card bills back up these assertions.)

Jupiter has just published a report, Teens and Online Video – Understand Young Viewers to Target them Effectively. The report goes for US$750 and you can check it out here.