“Just keep shoveling, just keep shoveling, just keep shoveling shoveling shoveling…”

Uncategorized Posted Feb 11, 2013 by chenpr

So in case you had not heard, this past weekend New England was hit by Winter Storm Nemo.









And all the meteorologists warned us that it was going to look like this…











To which our reaction was like…










Because as commuters we feared the inevitable.

jen k














Many PR pros will tell you, as an agency we thrive in the office environment where we can work as a team and you can always pop your head into an office and bounce ideas off one another.  Unfortunately, Nemo forced the CHEN team to work from home on Friday.  Don’t get me wrong, the CHENers tried with all their might to make it to our cozy home in Waltham but many obstacles stood in the way:

I had horrible timing and was inconveniently getting my snow shoes re-laced that weekend.

Jen K’s cross country skis broke due to extreme wind gusts halfway down 128.

JT’s snow mobile ran out of gas AGAIN.

Chris’ sled dogs were too busy looking at cat videos on YouTube and refused to take him.

Barb’s cats refused to be sled dogs.

Kevin was on the losing end of an epic snowball fight with his kids, thus taken as a prisoner of war.

Nick was stranded in Rhode Island and forbidden from crossing the border into Massachusetts.

By some miracle Myrsini made it into the office and when she realized no one showed up, begrudgingly watered the plants and made the trek back home.

We still haven’t seen Bryan, but we think he’s somewhere under this pile of snow…

jens car












But us CHENers are an optimistic bunch, and while many people had days that looked like this…










Chris was enjoying this little set up.















Because a little snow can’t stop the CHEN team, it can only bury us in our houses for 48 straight hours.