Keep C.A.L.M. or Shut Up

Uncategorized Posted Dec 13, 2012 by Kevin Kosh

As I was driving into work today, I heard the story that the C.A.L.M. Act is going into effect, otherwise known as the “Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation” Act.  Essentially this answers the question: “am I crazy or does the volume suddenly jump when commercials come on?”  So while you still may be crazy, you’re just a little less so this morning.

What this means is that television stations will now have to ensure that the volume stays constant (more specifically where YOU set it) when transitioning from a show to an ad.  No longer will you dive for cover when a Viagra ad suddenly rises up without warning…

However, beyond bad puns, the story also made me think of the jarring way in which businesses try and grab your attention through other media and content – in many ways, equally as unwelcome and annoying.

As the old saying goes, in an argument, yelling louder doesn’t make you right.  The same goes for marketing and PR that wraps itself in as many buzzwords and superlative arm waving as possible.  It doesn’t help and it can actually confuse and cloud the actual value of what you provide.

Being a self-proclaimed leader isn’t as effective as explaining in clear and value-based terms why your approach is different, and why customers should see that as important.  Lead by example, and others will follow.

That means for some customers, an 18 inch tall Stonehenge and an amp that stops at 10 may be exactly what they need.