Kind Words for Our Profession

Uncategorized Posted Mar 3, 2006 by metropolis

From CHEN Veep Randy Wambold…

This afternoon my colleague Juli Greenwood and I attended a panel sponsored by BusinessWire entitled, “Investor Targeting for the Biotech Community.”

All four panelists were engaging and informative but the remarks of one in particular caught my ears.

John Sterling, editor of Genetic Engineering News, spoke about how to work with his publication. As PR professionals, we have all read rants by journalists who have had an unhappy experience with an ill-prepared PR person.

Refreshingly, Mr. Sterling, who has been with Genetic Engineering News (also known as GEN) for 22 years, spoke of the nice rapport he enjoys with a wide group of PR and IR professionals that he considers well-informed and helpful. He actually went so far as to say, “I enjoy working with PR and IR professionals.”

Mr. Sterling’s remarks reflect the ideal to which those of us who take the B to B PR profession seriously aspire, and it’s nice to hear that that ideal is worth striving for.

Here’s to ending the week on an up note.