Let there be brighter and more energy-efficient light

Uncategorized Posted Mar 16, 2010 by chenpr

This morning, lighting energy efficiencies took a dramatic step forward with the unveiling of Digital Lumens, another MA-based clean tech innovator. The energy costs and consumption numbers are pretty staggering when evaluating what is required to light large facilities, such as warehouses. Lights pretty much illuminate every area, whether it is occupied or not at annual costs of around $1 per square foot (and warehouses are typically 250,000 square feet or larger).

Digital Lumens by combining LED-based fixtures formed into a lighting network with system-wide intelligence and controls will drive costs and consumption down by 90%. This technological advance is great news for energy conservation and the bottom line of many large enterprises.

This is just the beginning. Imagine tying a facility’s own Smart Light Grid eventually to a metropolitan Light Grid for better energy management. Digital Lumens makes it possible to totally control where light is directed and when it needs to be on or off based on occupation. Innovation directed at a very real business and clean-tech issue is bound to be a winner.