So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu, winter. We’re ready for spring!

Uncategorized Posted Mar 22, 2019 by Courtney Kruzement-Prykhodko

Wednesday marked the official start of spring and while we’ve been enjoying some extra daylight for a few weeks now, the change of season is finally starting to sink in. Flowers are starting to bloom, the Greenway is starting to become, well, green, and the city is ready to hop out of hibernation.


There are plenty of exciting signs of spring coming up over the next few weeks, including:




There’s plenty more to look forward to with temperatures on the rise! This week, a few CHENers shared what puts a spring in their step:


Chris Carleton:

“Cheering on the Dream Big! Marathon Team…whose runners have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars during the past few years to provide equipment, sports attire and program fees so girls and young women from disadvantaged situations can live healthier lifestyles by participating in sports, recreation and physical activities. Every single runner is praiseworthy – and this year we’re especially thrilled to have ‘Supernatural’ husband-and-wife couple Genevieve and Jared Padalecki on the team!

In addition to that– crazy as it might sound – I’m looking forward to yard work. When you spend your days as an ‘desk jockey’ it feels great to get out there and partake in some physical efforts. Good for the landscape while delivering physical and mental benefits.”


Doug De Orchis:

“Kind of a half joke here, but I look forward to opening the windows of my house to let some fresh air in!”


(I think that’s something we can all agree on! It’s time for spring cleaning and binge-watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo!)


Gabby Kondracki:

“Spring Goal: challenge myself more—in every aspect. Whether it being trying a new hobby or attempting to take on something I’ve yet to be confident doing at work, I want to move more outside of my comfort zone.”


Jennifer Torode:

“Spring to me means that we all get an opportunity to renew our perspective across all areas of life. The days are longer, and the nicer weather allows us venture outside more, giving us more motivation to step outside our daily routines to meet new people both professionally and personally.  Taking a brush to paint new goals and plan new adventures is what I’ve set out to accomplish.


To broaden my horizons and to spice things up, I plan to attend more tech events and explore other opportunities outside tech that I find interesting. Personally, I’ve signed up for a few spring/summer classes—from investing to painting and drawing to writing—and I’ve got a few concerts in the queue as well as other side adventures.”



Kayla Armstrong:

“I’m definitely looking forward to just being outside again, whether it’s going for a run or taking the dog for walks that are longer than 15 minutes! I’m also excited to grill – well, have my husband grill – while we just sit outside on the back deck, listen to some music, eat dinner and have a few drinks!”



As for me, spring always feels like a good time to learn and mix up my routine. Each spring I challenge myself to learn something new and totally out of my wheelhouse. Last year, it was an entrepreneurship essentials course, and this year it’s a user experience (UX) design class. I’m excited to see what I learn and how it influences how I view and interact with the world around me. I’m also looking forward to spending more time outside despite the early onset of seasonal allergies. Whether its paddle boarding at Community Boating on the Charles or an outdoor mimosa-filled brunch on Newbury, I’ll be there, Zyrtec in hand!


What are you looking forward to this spring?