Make Way for Duck Boats!

Company Culture Posted Oct 12, 2018 by Doug De Orchis

CHEN PR is a company that values enthusiasm when it comes to both work and play. And once every year, we set aside a day to explore our home state of Massachusetts and enjoy each other’s company. This year, we decided to play tourist in our own city of Boston by taking a duck boat tour!

Now if you’re not from the Boston area, you may be asking yourselves, “what are duck boats?” Duck boats are purpose-built amphibious tour buses that take its inspiration from DUKW’s, which were military vehicles used during World War II and the Korean War to transport goods and troops over land and water. Duck boats are a common sight in downtown Boston.

Every duck boat in Boston Duck Tours’ fleet comes with its own unique name, look, and tour guide personality. When we arrived to start the tour, we embarked aboard the black-hulled duck boat “Espla Nadia” led by our fearless tour guide Sgt. Meatball. He wasted no time getting us settled in and teaching us his own colorful version of the military salute. Whenever we passed another duck boat during the tour, Sgt. Meatball would lead the charge in his salute and we’d follow suit.

As the CHEN PR team weaved in and out of downtown traffic, Sgt. Meatball began running through his impressive rolodex of Boston history. Such interesting factoids included:

  • The Boston Massacre’s deceptive name: Only five colonists were killed in the historic riot. The event was given its name to stoke anti-Britain sentiment, which it accomplished.
  • Boston was built on garbage: Most of the modern flat lands in town were built upon trash piles that filled in the wet and swampy areas of the region.
  • Paul Revere’s historic ride was cut short: During his now-famous ride to alert local militia in Lexington, Mass. of British invasion, Revere had been captured by enemy soldiers. Dr. Samuel Prescott, a fellow “Son of Liberty,” evaded capture and completed Revere’s ride.


Following our jaunt downtown, Sgt. Meatball and his driver led us to the Charles River, where the duck boat took its plunge and started the aquatic portion of our tour. Our time on the river offered spectacular views of the city skyline from a perspective that people rarely get to see. Our colleague Jennifer bravely volunteered to drive the vehicle at this point, and she did an amazing job!

After the conclusion of the duck boat tour, the CHEN team reflected on the awesome experience over lunch. Good eats, good drinks, and good friends was the perfect combination to cap off our day of fun.


If you’re interested in taking a duck boat tour yourself, check out the Boston Duck Tours website here. We heartily recommend it!