MIT Tech Review’s 10 Breakthrough Technologies: A Look into The Future

High Technology, Innovation, Public Relations, Technology Posted May 30, 2018 by Gabrielle Kondracki

Progress has become a familiar face as technologies continue to integrate themselves into our daily lives, almost seamlessly. Whether it be the Internet of Things (IoT) connecting us in ways we could have never imagined or Artificial Intelligence (AI) providing new methods of manufacturing, the world we knew 10 years ago is no longer.

But, how could we ever predict that autonomous vehicles would become our taxi drivers or that a virtual assistant would be able to answer questions, schedule appointments and make calls for us simply by voice recognition?

That’s where MIT Tech Review’s annual 10 Breakthrough Technologies comes in, giving the rest of us a first-hand look at the emerging technologies the widely respected and well-read outlet  believes will change the ways of our future. And, so far, the list has not disappointed.

This year CHEN PR was eager to support another MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge (MITEF Cambridge) event hosted by MIT Tech Review’s Editor in Chief, David Rotman as he gave attendees insight into 2018’s predictions—delving into the process, motivation and reasoning behind the annually curated list. As the presentation began, Rotman explained that the method of selection does not focus on the most interesting technologies, but rather the most crucial—those which will have the biggest influence on our world.

The 2018 list featured both technologies that have become commercially available as well as those  in embryotic state, with years to go before society will see their impact. For the technologies in early stage development, Rotman explained that their ranking in the Top 10 was based upon MIT Tech Review’s prediction that a particular focus/theme would develop further. One example he cited was artificial embryos. While in its earliest, nascent g stages, the ability to grow mouse embryos using only stem cells is the first step towards life-altering breakthroughs, justifying its spot as number two on this year’s list.

During the Question and Answer portion of the night, an attendee had asked how Rotman and his team chose the annual list. A great host for the evening’s discussions, Rotman was glad to answer. He explained that, “we talk to a lot of people and get a long list together. We keep looking at which ones we believe are important and will have a long-run impact on industries. Then, we get feedback from people in the field – and, as journalists, we sit down and conclude with our best informed journalistic predictions.”


Those predictions gave us MIT Tech Review’ 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018:

    • 3-D Metal Printing
    • Artificial Embryos
    • Sensing City
    • AI for Everybody
    • Dueling Neural Networks
    • Babel-Fish Earbuds
    • Zero-Carbon Natural Gas
    • Perfect online Privacy
    • Genetic Fortune-Telling
    • Materials’ Quantum Leap

This wide array of technologies taps into many cornerstones of our evolving society. Thanks to MIT Tech Review and MITEF Cambridge, we’re able to recognize them and know to look out for them. To find out more about these technologies, head over to MIT Tech Review’s, 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018