Mixin’ and Minglin’ for Mass Cleantech

Uncategorized Posted Sep 29, 2010 by metropolis

Thanks to everyone who came out for last night’s cleantech-student mixer at Tommy Dolyle’s! What would have been just another wet September Tuesday was a great night spent on all things working and learning in Boston’s cleantech world.

In his column for the New York Times, Thomas L. Friedman offers an answer to a question on the minds of many, including cleantech execs and students alike: “What is America’s core competency and strategic advantage and how do we nurture it?” His answer: “It is our ability to attract, develop and unleash creative talent. That means men and women who invent, build and sell more goods and services that make people’s lives more productive, healthy, comfortable, secure and entertained than any other country.“

The energy last night was abuzz with men and women hungry to do just that – and it was refreshing.

Special thanks to Digital Lumens, Jon Karlen at Flybridge, the Globe’s Scott Kirsner and Jessica Townsend of Olin College for their thoughtful panel discussion. All in all it was the kind of mixing and mingling that left us feeling good and looking forward to the next one.

Videos coming soon!