Movin’ On Up: Bloggers Get Press Credentials in Federal Court

Uncategorized Posted Jan 12, 2007 by metropolis

The Washington Post carried a story yesterday announcing that when the Scooter Libby trial (charges of perjury, obstruction of justice) starts next week, two bloggers will be credentialed as members of the press corps. Wow.

This marks the first time that spots will be reserved for bloggers in federal court.

The Media Bloggers Association, led by Robert Cox, has struck a deal that will allow has won credentials to rotate among two members for this particular trial. The Association has not yet had a chance to issue its press release, but you can read Cox’s blog post here.

The Post reports:

Yet, after detailed talks with Cox, officials at the U.S. District Court decided that public awareness of court proceedings could be enhanced by his group’s members, among them documentary filmmaker and journalist Rory O’Connor and freelance writer James Joyner.