New Media Site Decipher Launches with Dynamic Duo at the Helm

Cyber Security, Public Relations Posted Mar 9, 2018 by Doug De Orchis

At CHEN PR, a great deal of our time is spent working with technology and security journalists to help place our clients in media coverage. And just as the face of technology changes, so does the way it’s covered. For several years, a major and growing percentage of cybersecurity news has leaned on the emotions of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) as a way to communicate urgency, but also to garner clicks. While the practice does grab the attention of a wider audience, it creates an escalating level of noise where the truly important trends and lessons get lost.  It is a slippery slope of sensationalism where calm discourse and pragmatic advice falls by the wayside.

Decipher, a security news site launched this week, aims to counteract the ‘FUD’ trend in reporting with a few simple guiding principles: security doesn’t have to be scary, it should be accessible to everyone, and it’s never too late to learn and improve.

The new publication has financial backing from CHEN client, Duo Security, and is independently run under the direction of Editor-in-Chief Dennis Fisher and Senior Managing Editor Fahmida Y. Rashid. With a collective three decades of security journalism between them, Dennis has “been there before” as a founder of the highly successful online publication Threatpost, and Fahmida has long used her technical acumen to educate readers in top security online publications such as CSO, InfoWorld and PC Magazine.

The founders of Duo (link to their blog post) envisioned Decipher filling a widening gap in security news. With breaches in every sector, almost every day, caused by a wide range of actors from nations to petty criminals — every journalist has become a security reporter in some capacity. However, they all view and cover through their own focused aperture: banking, tech, government, consumer, etc. Where most media lives at the extremes – breaking news of dollars, damage and death, or breaking down the technical details, Decipher will “put the news back together” with a grounded perspective, delivered in accessible language without oversimplification.

Having worked with journalists Dennis and Fahmida for many years, CHEN PR is confident that Decipher will make a very positive impact on security journalism. As an educational resource that explores the gravity of the latest risks and what readers can do immediately to protect themselves, Decipher will also celebrate the successes of security specialists who get the job done with smart investments and rigorous governance.

Check out a couple of Decipher’s first articles:

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