No, I don’t want to build a snowman…anymore.

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These are but a few of the words that come to mind when thinking about the past month. Either Mother Nature isn’t happy with New England, or she’s just not a local sports fan and this is our punishment for all of our wins. Whatever the cause, the weather has insinuated itself into the conversation.

It all started with the first #Blizzard2015 dubbed Juno by the Weather Channel’s marketing machine. As my colleague Shannon Todesca covered in her last blog, Juno was not very nice to Boston. Despite 24.6 inches of snow, it was still fun to go outside and walk around in the winter wonderland since it was the first big storm to hit us this year. But when the MBTA started delaying and canceling trains and subways… reality set in and the novelty quickly wore off. People couldn’t make it to work or out of their house for that matter.

Here’s a snapshot of the Rose Kennedy Greenway near Fanieul Hall in the midst of the storm as a reminder:

winter in boston 1

It was the next storm that really did Boston in and made it clear that, despite the late start, we were in for a long (and I’m really putting an emphasis on “long”) winter.

The weekend of winter storm Marcus, my boyfriend and I were in North Carolina visiting my stepsister. Compared to what I left behind the 60-degree weather felt like summer.  As it turns out, we watched the movie Frozen while basking in Tar Heel heat, and so dubbed the winter freeze awaiting us back New England the “Elsa curse.” I was happy to not be building any kind of snowman that all-too-short weekend. Marcus played havoc with our travel plans, stranding us in New York after our connecting flight to Boston was canceled. Luckily we had friends in the city with space to accommodate us for a couple of days while Logan was closed for the three-day storm.

By the time Marcus moved on, Boston had another 23.1 inches of new snow in the city. Traveling—whether by plane, train or automobile—was an ordeal. People became irritated, pushy and downright mean. The Patriots’ Super Bowl win was a distant memory (thanks Elsa).

And then winter storm Neptune that brought us another 16.2 inches on Valentine’s Day weekend.

We can’t change what’s happened; so while we wait for the cleanup to widen the streets and sidewalks it’s worth remembering that spring is coming, as it does each year. Here are a few pictures of what awaits us.

beach 1











And if anyone was wondering, I’m pretty sure we’re all done wanting to build a snowman, Elsa!

grumpy cat_build a snowman


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