Over the Charles River and Through the Mass Pike to The Podcast Garage We Go!

Opinions Posted Oct 25, 2019 by Kayla Krause

Our Podcast Journey: A few months ago, we decided to test the waters a bit…but then quickly realized we were diving head-first into the deep end. For over two decades, CHEN PR has helped our clients tell their own stories through online, broadcast and print media, and while that has given us plentiful opportunities to chat with some fascinating executives, we decided to put ourselves in the client hot seat. Now, we’re interviewing folks across the board – entrepreneurs, company execs, industry influencers and other movers and shakers – all within the world of innovation. It’s been a long, and fruitful, journey, which has led us to our final product – CHEN PR’s podcast, Then They Said This!

Now that we’re *almost* live with our podcast, I thought it’d be fun to give you a snapshot of what we’ve encountered throughout this process. I sat down with my co-host Gabby to go over some of our highlights along the way, some challenges we faced, tidbits we learned and finally some advice we’d like to give folks who are also looking to start their own podcast…enjoy!


How did you start? What was your timeline?

Well, we committed to the idea in April and started researching podcasts. That’s when we stumbled across the PRX Podcast Garage in Allston. We went to an orientation the Garage was hosting to learn the basics – Podcasting 101, if you will – and we’ve been utilizing the Garage ever since! We are now members there and would highly suggest working with them if you’re interested in starting your own podcast as well. They’re amazing to work with, they have all of the equipment available for you to use and record, and they offer training sessions, gear nights, etc., – definitely check ‘em out! >> https://www.podcastgarage.org/


What were some of the challenges we faced?

Originally, we had a timeline of when we wanted to go “live”, which we soon came to realize we vastly underestimated. Turns out it takes a while to get a podcast up and running. The challenges came with all the “behind the scenes” set-up. Things such as: how to get a hosting site (where your podcast will live and listeners will be able to tune-in); how we were going to promote the podcast, and when; and then developing the logo, landing page on our website, and creating the marketing materials for the podcast. It also took time to narrow down the actual podcast logistics – what style we wanted to have (interview, story, etc.); how to write a script; what kind of guests we wanted; and then how we were going to edit the podcast.


What’s it like in the recording studio?

At first, it’s intimidating, but once you realize you’re not “live” things gets easier. Seeing the microphones and once you put on the headphones, it just makes the whole process that much more real. We’re so used to being “behind the scenes” in our daily jobs that being put in the host seat definitely took some getting used to. But as my parents used to say, “practice makes perfect!”

We also realized that with two hosts, the seating is very important. We had to move our chairs around a bit before we got it right. Since we do an interview-style podcast, that’s the vibe we want to come across to our audience so as we record it’s important for us to be face-to-face with our guests.


These are a few of our favorite things

If you’re looking to put together a podcast, here are some things we’ve come to love:

  • Recording – as we mentioned before, we love the Podcast Garage. We would definitely recommend going to a studio like the Garage so you’re not responsible for any of the equipment and you simply just need to show up and record!
  • Editing – we quickly learned that editing is very time-consuming. For a 20-30-minute podcast (like ours) editing down audio/adding in music/etc. can take anywhere from 4-6 hours. We’d suggest assigning someone this job specifically or outsource editing.
  • Hosting – as recommended by the Garage, we use Libsyn, which comes with a small monthly fee that will outsource your podcast to all the major sites like Apple, Spotify, and Google.


What are some tips you can give or advice you have after going through this process?

  • Don’t jump the gun – it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of having your own podcast but you definitely want to take the time to plan before starting to record with your guests.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously – when you’re in the recording studio, it’s important to be comfortable because people are listening to you, they’re not watching you, so your tone and attitude is all reflected in your voice. If you think you’ll be uncomfortable with recording in studio, we suggest doing some mock interviews!
  • Do overprepare – We write-up a mock script before each podcast, that way we have a general flow of where we want the conversation to go. We also ask our guests questions prior to the interview so we’re both prepared and know what we’ll be talking about. It’s also a nice little cheat sheet…for the hosts and the guest!
  • Do pre-record – before launching your podcast, pre-record a few episodes so that you have some lined up. This way you’re not scrambling to keep up with your podcast publishing schedule. It gives you some more bandwidth!


That being said – be on the look out for our first podcast episode, dropping on Monday, November 4! In the meantime, you can check out our trailer on Apple, Spotify and Google, and get a sneak peak into what we’ll be covering on Then They Said This.