Podcasting Gains Traction in the Enterprise

Uncategorized Posted Oct 2, 2006 by metropolis

eWeek kicks off the week with a series of useful articles on podcasting, underscoring the consumer-driven nature of the technology. Like PCs, employees are embracing the devices and, at least in some cases, IT organizations are trying to stay ahead of the curve.

One article, “Podcasting: An Enterprise Hit,” outlines how MassMutual is using podcasts to train employees (about 20% of MassMutual agents have signed up to have podcasts emailed to them each Monday morning), while GM is using podcasts as an external marketing tool. For example, GM might interview the race team that drove a Corvette to another Le Mans win.

The numbers in the article underscore the momentum:

The Diffusion Group forecasts that the use of podcasting among U.S. consumers is growing at a compound annual rate of 101 percent. By 2010, 56.8 million Americans will be using “time-shifted digital audio files,” or podcasts, TDG predicts.

Interested in rolling up your sleeves to get started? Check out Stan Gibson’s how-to article, “A Podcasting To-Do List.”