Riding Bikes, Raising Money

Uncategorized Posted Oct 24, 2014 by chenpr

Last month I participated in the Rodman Ride for Kids, an umbrella matching fundraising effort for organizations supporting at-risk Massachusetts children, culminating in a noncompetitive bike ride of 25, 50 or 100 miles.


This year was my first experience, and I did the 25 mile ride (50 or 100? Yeah, right!) in support of the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston. My sister, who lives in Brookline, is part of the organization and has a “little sister” in Dorchester. Our group consisted of seven riders, including both of my parents (my Mom was once a Big Sister as well) who collectively raised money for the organization and participated in the ride.

Rodman Ride

The ride went smoothly, but our collective group was definitely tired after crossing the finish line. We earned our free post-race beer and snacks—a much needed pick me up. And who knows, after conquering 25 maybe we’re ready for 50 and a double in our fundraising efforts next year!


Here at CHEN PR we adhere to the spirit of giving back, more specifically helping at risk youth. CHEN works with Dream Big!, a non-profit focused on helping girls from low-income situations get involved in organized sport and physical activities by providing them with the equipment and fees necessary to participate.


As someone who just took part in a long bike ride for charity and has always lived an active life, I appreciate working for a company that supports the goals of Dream Big! because I’ve benefitted from and don’t take for granted the advantages I’ve been given in both sport and life.