RSA Conference 2020 Preview: This Year, it’s Personal

Cyber Security, High Technology, Innovation, Public Relations, Technology Posted Jan 31, 2020 by Shannon Kelley

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you survived the cold, post-holiday season month that is January. As your prize, you get the month of February – the shortest month of the year. It’s a welcome change to those looking ahead to spring and warmer months, but it’s also a reminder to the cybersecurity industry that something big is on the horizon – RSA Conference 2020.

RSA Conference 2020 (RSAC for short) will descend upon San Francisco, February 24-28, and is expected to draw in excess of 42,000 attendees over its five-day period. That sort of crowd makes RSAC one of the largest annual information security conferences in the world!

This year’s RSAC theme is “Human Element,” shining a light on the human impact as a means to build a productive, security-centric culture. The theme is intended to encourage discussions about how – despite technology advances like AI and ML – humans remain the most valuable asset in the cybersecurity arsenal.

As our clients know all too well, the human condition must always be taken into account when developing effective cybersecurity strategies and solutions. Here’s who will be attending and what they’ll be discussing at RSAC this year:

  • Virtru – CEO & Co-founder John Ackerly (former tech policy director in the Bush White House and policy and strategic planning director at U.S. DoC), CTO & Co-founder Will Ackerly (former NSA technology architect and creator of the Trusted Data Format, which is still in use today in the U.S. intel community as well as the private sector) and Chief Social Scientist Andrea Little Limbago (former chief social scientist at Endgame, International Relations academic and DoD award-winning computational social scientist at JWAC) will address global security and privacy trends from end-to-end encryption/backdoors, to national/international privacy regulations to the balkanization of the Internet. In addition, Dr. Little Limbago will be presenting the session titled, “Implications of the Global Push to Ban End-to-End Encryption” with Chief Executive Officer Lesley Seebeck from the Australian National University Cyber Institute on Wednesday, February 26 at 2:50 p.m. PST in Moscone West.


  • RiskLens/FAIR Institute – Having been highlighted in this year’s RSAC Trend Report alongside frameworks from NIST and MITRE, RiskLens experts and FAIR authors, including CEO Nick Sanna, Chief Risk Scientist Jack Jones (former CISO at Nationwide, CBCInnovis and Huntington Bank) and Director of Risk Science Jack Freund will be presenting among more than a dozen RSA talks with FAIR CISOs from the DOE, ADP and PNC Bank, among others. There will also be two four-hour Monday sessions, as part of the RSA agenda, dedicated to Risk Management and FAIR. The FAIR Institute is also hosting a Breakfast Meeting on Wednesday, February 26 from 7:30-10:30 a.m. PST. Jack Jones (a three-time CISO and author of the FAIR model) will be speaking along with other CISOs (e.g., Ascena Retail Group’s CISO) who will be presenting and attending the breakfast.


  • Digital Guardian (South Expo/#935) – CEO Mo Rosen (former SVP & GM at CA Technologies), VP of Cybersecurity Tim Bandos (former DuPont IR threat intel director) and Chief Strategy Officer Connie Stack will address a range of data security trends and threats from insider threats to data loss to IoT risks and endpoint security. Tim Bandos will break down several real-world IP theft methods and stories in a session titled, “Rebooting the Modern-Day Heist” on Wednesday, February 26 at 11:10 a.m. PST, at the North Briefing Center, Booth N-6545. Also, in cooperation with T.E.N and ISE, Digital Guardian will host a cocktail reception at The Flytrap on Wednesday, February 26, from 6:30-9:30 p.m. PST. You can register here for the event.


If you’re interested in some face time with any of our clients at RSAC this year, CHEN PR will have boots on the ground to help make introductions. Kevin Kosh, Partner at CHEN PR, will be on-site to help us identify the latest trends developing in our industry, and to catch up with a multitude of business and technology journalists we’re privileged to know.