RSA Conference: An Olympian Effort to Prove Our “Mettle”

Cyber Security, Events, High Technology, Public Relations Posted Feb 24, 2014 by Kevin Kosh

rsac pic

Here at CHEN PR, we’ve handled just about every technology market during our 17+ years.  About 3 years in, we dipped our toes into data security technologies. Now 14 years later we have built a solid reputation and earned a seat on the security PR shortlist.

That means that come the turn of the New Year, we enter an absolutely crazy time – loved and feared concurrently – in the lead up to the RSA Conference.

Last year, we had five clients at RSA. Three of those were led by execs working with us again after mutually successful efforts during our prior engagements. In fact, two of those three were teaming with us a third time…stretching back a nearly a decade.

It’s fitting that this year the RSAC prep coincided with the Olympics, because it was one of our biggest efforts yet for our team.  In addition to having seven clients in attendance, we’re also tackling an additional project for our client RSA Security.

I’m typing this from San Francisco on Day One, so the time is short. But, to emphasize what a great team we have – and recognize the hard work that pays off this week –I figured I’d summarize what I’ll call our Mettle Count:

    • Number of client award considerations at RSAC – 12, including 20% of Innovation Sandbox participants
    • Total number of influencer meetings – 46… and growing
    • Number of client speaking sessions – 13
    • Average number of meetings/client – 7
    • Number of client news announcements– 9 so far
    • Average hours of nightly sleep since Jan – 4-5
    • Number of OH S*** Moments – 12-15
    • Number of new profanities uttered/created – A @#$%# @#$$#-load

Ok, we’re heading over to the Moscone now…Let the games begin!