Sam Whitmore’s Annual Visit—Always Fun and Fruitful

Company Culture, High Technology, Innovation, Public Relations, Technology Posted Sep 14, 2018 by Kayla Krause

Another year, another fantastic visit with our dear friend, Sam Whitmore. Having known Sam since just after he began the Sam Whitmore Media Survey (SWMS,) the CHEN PR crew always looks forward to getting together with the media guru to chat about the latest trends in public relations, seeing where reporters have moved to, and hearing about new opportunities within the tech PR industry.

Earlier this week, we met Sam for a CHEN-style meeting and discussed these trends and opportunities over a few drinks at a local watering hole in Downtown Crossing. As always, the conversation flowed, with talk of new publications emerging, the shift from readers using more podcasts and/or apps over traditional websites as news engines, and the importance – or lack thereof – of search engine optimization (SEO). It’s always insightful to hear about what he’s seeing within publications or the reporters he’s met with recently that may give us PR folks the latest scoop on the budding tech market and what editors are searching for that can improve our client coverage.

CHEN PR is always looking to advance our strategies and discover unique press opportunities. In doing so, Sam and his weekly SWMS newsletter have helped us achieve that for our clients. Part of the discussion with him this past week touched on this, and how his weekly insights or new media lists are always so incredibly timely. He recently pulled together and shared a list of technology and innovation awards, serving as a one-stop-shop with award links, submission fees, deadline, etc. His CEO Profile “Cheat Sheet” was also insightful as this is often an area where preference or guidelines vary per publication. One thing both parties agreed on is that landing a CEO “profile” for a client – even for the most polished CEO with an impressive resume, leading a company that is making a big splash in the industry – is by far, not an easy feat. There are various factors why this is the case today, but we’ll save that conversation for another time.

As a former Forbes columnist and veteran at Ziff-Davis Publishing before he launched SWMS, Sam has a stellar resume and is very respected in the community. Yet when you talk to him, his calm demeanor and ease with speaking to a group would make anyone feel comfortable, not intimidated. Celebrating its 20th year, SWMS consistently provides its subscribers with content we were just talking about or that we needed to investigate. No matter how you slice it, SWMS always seems to be one step-ahead, and we couldn’t be anymore grateful for it.

Throughout the course of our informal get-together, Sam also got to pick our brain on what our agency is experiencing these days—what trends we’re seeing in our interactions with tech/security, business and other publications and reporters that we pitch. It was great to bounce some ideas off Sam and get his advice. Nonetheless, we like to think the brainstorm was mutual for both parties!

As a long-time friend of Sam’s, we’d highly recommend subscribing to SWMS if you don’t already. The content, and brains behind it, have been immensely helpful to CHEN PR for nearly two decades. That being said – until next time, Sam, we’ll stalk you via email!