Say it Ain’t Ho, Ho, Ho

Uncategorized Posted Dec 19, 2007 by Kevin Kosh

Hi, I’m Kevin Kosh. To quote the immortal Troy McClure, “you may remember me from such security blog entries as “How Does Safe Happen and When you say (data leakage) it makes me feel (choose one: scared, angry…confused.)

Well today I have the unfortunate task of reporting how even the greatest can become a victim of data breaches – and today it’s Santa.

As covered in the WSJ Business Technology blog and Network World’s Buzzblog, the story first broke on the AP.

They reported that Santa “…has announced that he has canceled this year’s delivery of Christmas presents after a computer crash resulted in the loss of all wish lists from children around the world. The bearded, obese philanthropist also lost all records pertaining to child behavior over the past year, making it impossible to determine who has been naughty and who has been nice. Santa had used a tape-based backup system for his critical data; however, after the crash, the tapes fell off a truck and apparently tumbled into the Arctic Ocean…”

Before we all spiral into depression, this is of course a joke, and thanks to Ben Worthen and Paul McNamara for participating in the fun. It all started with a mock news piece generated by CHEN PR client and data protection experts Arsenal Digital Solutions, who of course could’ve prevented such an occurrence if Santa had employed a business continuity strategy that included online backup.

And if he’s reading this, he should consider signing up, since Arsenal already holds a dominant position in the holiday icon sector. Due to contractual restrictions I can’t publish the customer names, but I can say they include “A Large Egg bearing Rabbit,” “a diminutive, winged and sparsely dressed archer,” and “A bird most commonly found in leftovers…”

Safe Holidays to all, and to all a good laugh.