Schilling: For Love of the Games

Uncategorized Posted Oct 24, 2006 by metropolis

It’s not everyday that we get to issue a release with a quote from an MLB player, but that dream came to pass last week, when we worked on a release for the MIT Enterprise Forum, regarding the Forum’s October 23rd event, “Tomorrow’s Games: Mobile, Casual and Massively Multiplayer Online Games.”

If our office, we’ve still got photos all over the copier room from the 2004 World Series. As anyone in Boston or New York can tell you, Schilling won game 6 of the American League Championship (against the Yankees — sweet!) with blood seeping through his sock, due to tendon surgery on his ankle. He then won game 2 of the World Series (more seepage) and that sock is enshrined at Cooperstown.

Schilling may be the first Web 2.0 athlete — an avid gamer who chimes in on sports chat rooms and call-in radio shows. He “gets” the power of the medium. He’s such a fan of EverQuest II that the creators have created a special Curt Schilling character for the MMORPG.

His passion for gaming led him to create a company called Green Monster Games — hence his role at the MIT event.

Now as fate would have it, I was out of town on Monday night for the actual event, so look to the next installment from my colleagues for the color commentary on the actual event. Here’s a fun recap from Rob Bradford at the Eagle-Tribune.