Security, Privacy and COVID-19: April’s Client Highlights

Cyber Security, High Technology, Innovation, Public Relations Posted May 8, 2020 by Claire Mutty

Our world has shown resiliency as it continues to face COVID-19, the global economic slowdown and the wholesale adoption of work-from-home models. That said, many people – from healthcare heroes to delivery workers, grocery store staffs and other essential businesses – continue to man the front lines at physical locations. To them, we extend our heartfelt thanks and praise.

From a tech perspective, professionals and companies around the world are working diligently to defend individuals and organizations from the rapid increase in privacy and security threats prompted by the coronavirus. Among them are several of our cybersecurity clients offering innovative products, field-hardened expertise, and insightful advice. Read on to see where they were recognized throughout the month of April:


Business Insider: These former Netscape execs helped create the password as we know it. Their new startup, Beyond Identity, just raised $30 million to kill passwords forever.

Silicon Valley icons Jim Clark and Tom Jermoluk launched their startup, Beyond Identity, this month with $30 million in Series A funding. The company’s mission is to eliminate passwords, something Clark helped usher in 25 years ago at Netscape. The New York-based startup has already connected with various CISOs and some of Americas largest companies while in stealth mode, explained Jermoluk in a conversation with Business Insider’s Jeff Elder.

The Register: Let’s authenticate: Beyond Identity pitches app-wrapped certificate authority

To counter today’s bad habits of password simplicity and reuse, Beyond Identity offers an on-device personal certificate authority that supports common IAM technologies and eliminates the need for user credentials altogether. Co-founder and CEO Tom Jermoluk discussed the company’s application with The Register’s Thomas Claburn, explaining that “in the enterprise market, no API changes are required. We just drop in an [identity provider] agent for SSO and everything just works.”


RSA Conference: Incident Response Analysis vs. Automation: What Matters Most Right Now

Across all sectors, security teams are dealing with an increased number of incidents. For this podcast, Digital Guardian VP of Cybersecurity Tim Bandos enlisted his friend, Jennifer Ayers, VP, OverWatch and Security Response at CrowdStrike, to join him to chat about incident response (IR) with the RSA Conference team. Among other topics, Tim and Jennifer discussed what cybersecurity professionals can do right now to improve incident response while working remotely.


CBS News: Contact tracing for coronavirus: How it works and why it could be so difficult

There’s a race to contain viral outbreaks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Some believe that contact tracing represents a leap forward in doing so. Google and Apple announced a partnership in creating a platform for public health departments that would allow those who tested positive to enter the diagnosis into a mobile app. Virtru Co-founder and CEO John Ackerly makes a point that this level of access to people’s private information could raise privacy and security concerns surrounding the surveillance that’s involved.