September Top Press Hits: Russian Hacking, Electrification of Cars & more!

Cyber Security, High Technology, Innovation, Technology Posted Oct 9, 2018 by Gabrielle Kondracki

Believe it or not, September is over! Reminiscing on the month that seemed to fly by in a blink of an eye, CHEN PR takes a look back on some of our clients top press hits. From Russian forum hacking to electrification of cars, our clients seem to cover it all when it comes to security, privacy, and high technology. Check out more about what our clients are up to below!

Cadenza Innovation

CNBC, China is taking the lead in electrification of cars, CEO says


New battery technologies can improve the reliability and safety of electric vehicles (EVs), while bringing down the total cost, Dr. Christina Lampe-Önnerud, Cadenza Innovation’s Founder and CEO, told CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China. In the interview, Christina discussed the future of EV’s in China as well as the company’s recent deal with Shenzhen-based BAK Battery to manufacture lithium-ion cells and modules in China using Cadenza’s supercell technology.



FOX News, Report: Widely used election machine vulnerable to hacking

Following a report that a popular election machine model is vulnerable to cyber attacks, Claroty’s VP of threat research Dave Weinstein joined FOX News anchor Mike Emanuel in a weekend segment to provide a primer on election security, including considerations facing public leadership ahead of November’s midterm elections.


Digital Guardian

CSO, 4 top challenges to a secure digital transformation

In this CSO feature story, Will Gragido, director of advanced threat protection, provides advice to companies about challenges they might expect when undergoing digital transformation. Will cautions that companies should plan ahead for managing new infrastructure, as new systems can limit network visibility and open organizations to risk if they’re not properly understood.



Duo Security 

Forbes, Apple ‘Security Loophole’ Exposes Business Wi-Fi Passwords To Hackers 

Duo researchers discovered a novel way to steal business Wi-Fi and application passwords from Apple devices via one of the Cupertino giant’s products. They subverted an Apple technology designed to help companies manage and secure fleets of iPhones and Macs. The problem lies in the openness of Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP), and they discovered it was possible to steal Wi-Fi passwords and more internal business secrets by enrolling a rogue device within the DEP system.



ZDNet, Access to over 3,000 backdoored sites sold on Russian hacking forum

Flashpoint researchers discovered hackers selling access to over 3,000 breaches websites on an underground hacking forum for Russian-speaking users named MagBo. Relatively new to the hacking scene, MagBo has its own niche – selling web shells to already-hacked websites. Flashpoint analysts says these identified 3,000+ hacked sites were sold for prices varying from $0.50 to nearly $1,000.00, and that most of the victims came from e-commerce, among other verticals.


Lakeside Software, Lakeside talks SysTrack 8.4 with AIOps – Podcast #135

Lakeside Software has a track record of interesting product releases at VMworld, and this year was no exception, with Lakeside announcing the general availability of SysTrack 8.4 with AIOps. In a podcast with Jack Madden and Lakeside’s MIke Schumacher at VMWorld 2018, Lakeside introduced new sensor architecture, which Mike said will enable much more powerful analysis options, as well as more precise and complex rules. SysTrack has about 500 or 600 sensors right now, and they expect to have a couple of thousand by the end of the year. On top of this new sensor architecture, SysTrack is now doing more powerful analytics, and you don’t have to do as much prescriptive programming work—that’s where the AI comes in.



Security Week, Expectations for CISOs Have Changed

In a byline for Security Week, RiskLens CEO Nicola Sanna wrote about the changing expectations CISOs are facing. In our new cyber-conscious era, Nick writes that malware has the ability to paralyze operations and ding profits at major global organizations, making the CISO more valuable than ever. Nick says that given these concerns, cyber risk has risen to the level of enterprise risk – which board members and the C-Suite expect to be measured, managed, and reported in the terms that the rest of the enterprise understands, namely, in financial terms to show the likelihood and potential cost of losses.



Channel Partners Online, New, Changing Channel Programs: Avant, Fusion, HPE, More

In a round-up of the latest and greatest channel news, SafeBreach’s first-ever global partner program was featured in Channel Partners Online. SafeBreach also announced veteran channel security executive John Bolger has joined the company and will lead the new partner program as the new head of channels. SafeBreach sells 100% through the channel and has initiated this new partner program to build and extend even greater incentives to attract, recruit and grow the channel.