Simple SEO Strategies to Turbo-Charge Your Next Press Release

Entrepreneurs, High Technology, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Oct 29, 2015 by Kayla Krause

Wiring a press release is a relatively standard procedure for public relations teams at most organizations. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go through the process with you but rather, I’d like to share some interesting tidbits I recently learned after sitting in on a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) workshop call with a client.

The two key takeaways for getting the best bang for your buck by optimizing SEO are as follows:

1. “The audience is not an algorithm.”

press release_functionHour-long meetings comprised of market phrases and keyword brainstorming is behind us. Yes, those words matter, but they shouldn’t be the primary focus of your press release. Ultimately, people are going to read what they want to read. As long as your release is compelling and newsworthy, the right kinds of people are going to read it, a.k.a. your target audience.

It’s not all about trickery or SEO-manipulation anymore – Google’s too smart for that. It’s more about building your brand and content strategy. So take away the SEO equations and link functions—and put together a release with simply interesting and worthwhile content, and you will reach your intended audience. The pros advise going back after you draft the release and add in a few words that are associated with the company/product/industry terms that the news is most associated with and space them out. When a release, or company webpage for that matter, is cluttered with keywords, search engines will turn away at that because they only have certain amount of storage. In other words, keep it simple, don’t inundate your release with keywords and phrases.

2. What you do after the release crosses the wire matters too.

social_press releaseSo the release goes out. Your job is not done just yet. The content, keywords, and credible names in the release will get you the attention, but how do you get more visibility? The answer it to utilize social media. We live in a tech-savvy, status update kind-of-world nowadays and there’s really no better way to promote your news than through social outlets. Twitter has proven to be most successful in giving best results in terms of click-rate, website views, etc.

As most of us know, posting on the company’s website is always a good idea, too. This may seem “101” but I’ve seen companies wire a press release and never post them on their own website. Posting on your site will allow any future customers, partners, investors, etc. to see your news and it’ll boost those website numbers, which marketing will love.

Did you know?

Here are some other interesting details:

  • Optimal length of a release is 450-550 words
  • 94% more reads when an image is included, because it’s interactive and appealing to viewers
  • Naked link = a hyperlink for which the anchor text is the URL itself (for example: )
  • Choose keywords that are popular, but not too popular – competitive and less chance of being seen on the first or second search engine page (refer to takeaway #1 above)


In the Public Relations industry we’re always focused on our clients’ needs and providing best practices to make them successful. And in this ever-changing industry, it’s always good to brush up on some of these best practices and tactics. Press releases may not be the most intriguing topic but they sure do get the job done when constructed and used the right way.