Startup Spotlight Represents the Diverse Entrepreneur Field in Boston

Entrepreneurs, Events, High Technology, Innovation, Technology Posted Jun 15, 2018 by Kayla Krause

One of the perks of working in high-tech PR is seeing and learning more about the next big technology, gadget or service.

To that point, some fellow CHENers and I attended the annual Startup Spotlight earlier this week. Hosted by MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge (MITEF) and held at District Hall, we got the opportunity to get the scoop about many up-and-coming companies moving the needle in a variety of markets.

The Startup Spotlight is a fan favorite, myself included, because it’s not just your average networking event. There are more than 35 early stage firms set up throughout District Hall to display their products and tell you more about their missions. Not only are the startups driven to promote their companies – they also need to encourage those of us in attendance to cast votes in their favor in three different categories. More on that below…

In an effort to make the most suitable vote for each category, attendees have to walk around and talk to as many companies as they can. In doing so, it was enlightening to see the diversity in products ranging from a street parking app to a self-cleaning pet grooming tool and even a rehabilitative orthotic for horses. Once we had all made the rounds, and the votes were tallied up, the winners were announced for the following categories:

      • Company I Want to Have a Beer WithHorsepower Technologies, rehabilitative orthotic for horses
      • Future UnicornBoxoLogic,robotic instant right-sized packaging
      • Most Likely to Develop a Cult FollowingWoobo, kid-friendly smart launchpad


The Startup Showcase is made possible not only by MITEF of Cambridge, but also by a range of sponsoring companies. Not to be left out of the voting and bragging rights fun, some of those sponsors backed a handful awards, too. They were:

      • Withum Audit Tax Advisory – Company Most Likely to Change the World for the BetterTrexo Robotics, wearable robotics for children with disabilities
      • Silicon Valley Bank – Company I’d Like to Share a Glass of Wine WithLUMO,self-cleaning pet grooming tool
      • Latham & Watkins – Company Most Likely to Inspire Investor FOMOHorsepower Technologies, rehabilitative orthotic for horses
      • Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds – Company Most Likely to Need Legal Help (tongue-in-cheek) ParkWise, intelligent street parking

Working in an innovation hub such as Boston, it’s easy to get lost amid other entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and courage to showcase your product — and to “make it,” as they say in the industry. So, it’s events like the Startup Spotlight that give these companies a great opportunity to highlight what they’re doing.

Hearing and watching these young firms pitch, converse with potential customers and discuss their goals reminded me of why they’re all there: passion. They’re passionate about their companies, technologies, products and services.

That’s what really matters. That’s what it takes to “make it.”

So, to all the hardworking startups out there – including the ones we hung out with on Tuesday night – keep it up! Maybe we’ll all work together some day!