Startup Spotlight Shines this Month

Entrepreneurs, Events, High Technology, Innovation, Technology Posted May 15, 2020 by Kayla Krause

With most of us working remotely, staying at home, and adhering to all the social guidelines to maintain our six feet of separation, a lot of events have been moved to digital versions of themselves.

Adapting to this new reality, MITEF Cambridge is hosting its annual Startup Spotlight virtually this year, and all month (of May) long!

The Startup Spotlight is typically a one-night get-together where startups demo their products while attendees examine each tabletop show-and-tell and vote for their favorites. A long-time MITEF Cambridge sponsor and fan of the Startup Spotlight, while we always had a great time viewing the latest and greatest technologies or gadgets in person, we’re equally excited to see this event play out online this year.

Now, more than ever, startups and small businesses are what our economy needs. Likewise, they really need our support and encouragement during a time like this. MITEF Cambridge has always given this community a platform to share their stories, learn from one another and grow their networks by making invaluable connections to fellow entrepreneurs, potential investors and other movers and shakers in the local innovation ecosystem. In short, the Spotlight series is the perfect opportunity for startups to showcase what they have.

This year, things are being done a little differently. For six consecutive Fridays, 3-4 startups are highlighted in virtual “Demo Days.” All startups that qualify have already applied online and been chosen to demo “live” to a registered group of attendees. Each demo is recorded and shared with the online crowd, which then votes for their favorites.

The winners each receive a different prize in support of a local business. For instance, CHEN PR sponsored Demo Day #3 and donated a $100 gift card to Les Zygomates (one of our agency founder Chris Carleton’s favorite haunts!) for the winners. MITEF Cambridge matched that with $100 of food delivered to the winner’s door from its favorite catering company Baker’s Best.


 A Look Inside

Last Friday, May 1, the following startups presented on Demo Day #3 to the virtual audience:

  • Ag Energy’s Carbon Logic production process provides a modern approach by harnessing the power of fire to create a carbon-rich soil amendment and renewable/clean energy in an economical, carbon-negative process.
  • Ambulatory Innovations’ mission is to create innovative products that physical therapists will use in their treatment plans to enable their patients to reach their full potential. The startup is currently developing a multipurpose device that can be used for balance, stability, gait training, and more.
  • Care Clever’s Cutii is a companion robot addressing isolation for our most vulnerable – seniors at risk of isolation at home. This need is really being driven home in the era of COVID19; the startup’s robots are now in nursing homes to connect and build community.
  • NanoMed Targeting Systems (NTS) is presenting a novel alternative to the treatment of AF. The procedure consists of an injectable solution containing nanomagnetic particles carrying drugs that will be localized to the nerve clusters with abnormally high activity.


All four companies made compelling presentations, with the innovations themselves stealing the show. The products and services these startups are producing are truly groundbreaking – some are capitalizing on our current situation to aid a certain demographic being largely affected by COVID-19, while others are taking on a whole industry of clean energy. Needless to say, Ag Energy, Ambulatory Innovations, Care Clever and NTS are all tremendously promising startups.  We can’t wait to see how they will continue redefining current product and market sectors…or defining entirely new ones!


The Final Countdown

Drum roll, please! The Demo Week #3 audience has cast its votes…and the winner is…

Congrats to all the startups participating in this year’s virtual Startup Spotlight.  We think MITEF Cambridge may be onto something! 😉

If you’d like to check out the remaining Demo Days, you can sign up here.