Steve Jobs and his Electrifying Presentations

Uncategorized Posted Apr 9, 2006 by metropolis

Speaking coach Carmine Gallo gives five tips on how Jobs delivers the goods in BusinessWeek.

  • Sell the benefit
  • Practice, practice and practice some more
  • Keep it visual
  • Exude passion, energy and enthusiasm
  • “And one more thing” (Close on a high note)

It feels like a Jobs worship morning, as I see that Vanity Fair (my favorite guilty read) has a glowing piece on him as well and their content is finally online:

With some perspective—and 30 years will do—it turns out that in critical ways the media business is such a tectonic-plate-shifting, existentially precarious place because of Steve Jobs. What Jobs has been doing these last 30 years, while everyone thought that all he was up to was his specialized, la-di-da stuff, was literally re-inventing, revolutionizing even—thinking truly differently about—every aspect of the media business.

He’s certainly not been afraid to blaze his own path.