Sweetest One Yet

Uncategorized Posted Feb 3, 2015 by chenpr

The Patriots sure do make games interesting. Six Super Bowls in 14 years, all close games, heartbreak mixed with euphoria. This game was no exception, with the entire season culminating in a 2nd-and-goal from the 1 yard line. Rather than ending on a short touchdown plunge by heralded Seahawks running back Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, the game’s outcome was instead sealed by an interception from unheralded Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler.Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

Two plays earlier Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse hauled in a pass that seemed destined to take its place alongside improbable catches by New York Giants David Tyree and Mario Manningham in the annals of Patriots Super Bowl infamy, but this time it wasn’t meant to be. It all adds up to a 28-24 win over the defending champion Seattle Seahawks and another Boston parade tomorrow, the ninth since the Patriots kicked off their recent winning ways in 2001.

The seemingly endless Super Bowl week started for us CHEN’ers on Monday at City Hall Plaza, where the Patriots held their sendoff rally prior to heading to Arizona. A few of us braved the frigid Boston day for the csendoff photohance to support our team in the midst of a distracting, seemingly insignificant “scandal.” The highlight toward the end of the rally was when the crowd chanted Brady’s name in unison before he addressed the crowd, noting that he hoped to be standing there next week, Lombardi Trophy in hand.

And for lucky Patriot fans, he will be, thanks to his gridiron heroics, Butler’s and every other Patriot who did their job admirably.

And while it feels slightly wrong to talk about anything other than the historic game, I’d be remiss not to mention the rest of the spectacle that is The Super Bowl. There were the $4.5 million advertisements, including those with crowd pleasing puppies, celebrities and cars that were mostly underwhelming (though the experts did seem to think there were a few clear winners and losers). One thing did appear clear, and that’s the success of Katy Perry’s 12 minute halftime performance, accompanied by Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot (who? The kids said). Perry performed her biggest hits, mixing in colorful sets and light displays, sharks, lions, fire and an impressive pyrotechnics display to boot. Combined, it all set the stage for the most exciting and stressful 12 minutes of football I’ve ever watched.

After the game, Patriots owner Robert Kraft provided what I thought was the perfect summation, following ten years of successful teams falling short of the title for one reason or another, the multiple “gates” and the aging of Tom Brady.

“This is our fourth Super Bowl championship in the last 14 years. The first one we won I thought was pretty special because it happened at a unique time in our country. I never thought another trophy could feel as special but this one absolutely does.”

Couldn’t have scripted it better myself.