Life is full of surprises and puzzles.   There are things that grab your attention and your heart, things that feed your inner child, and things that you do because they are the right thing to do – and you get sucked in and can’t escape, and really don’t want to.

2b5243cFor me, that has been the relationship that has grown with Christopher’s Haven, an amazing place families coping with pediatric cancer that provides everything from shelter and support, to distractions and fun.

I first became aware of the Haven when two of my passions collided.  When my beloved Patriots won one of the most epic Superbowls in history against the Seahawks, two of my favorite actors donned their Marvel superhero costumes and settled a bet for charity, with the Haven being a huge beneficiary.

It grew when a good friend and I decided to commit time and money to the Haven by having friends and family sponsor us in a 27 hour Marvel Movie Marathon, and has now involved my CHEN PR family and two years supporting a number of campaigns, including two great #GivingTuesday campaigns.

Which brings me to the latest trap – literally.  Christopher’s Haven’s latest partnership with actor Chris Evans is a contest.  Through donations, fans will have a chance to win an Escape Room adventure with Chris.  Escape rooms are physical games in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. And whether or not you solve the puzzle, you get to hang with Chris during the event and then for burgers and beer afterward.  It should be a memory for a lifetime.

But time is running out.  The campaign has been circulating on social media for a bit, and today the Haven issued a press release to help drive the final push.  So please, donate and get your entries and chance to get trapped with Chris. And if you’re claustrophobic or have some strange aversion to celebrities or superheroes, consider just donating directly at the Christopher’s Haven website, because it’s the right thing to do.

Read the Christopher’s Haven press release here.

Donate to the Escape with Chris Evans campaign here.

Donate directly to Christopher’s Haven here.