Taking Care of What You Share Online

Uncategorized Posted Apr 20, 2018 by Doug De Orchis

You’d be hard pressed these days to avoid the recent headlines concerning Facebook’s breach of trust, which began when it was announced that UK-based Cambridge Analytica had illegally leveraged the Facebook user data of millions for its own ends.

Clearly, this developing saga is bad news for Facebook users. Notably, it was also a critical learning moment for many … and an important reminder for many more. Personal experiences and information shared on any social media platform can potentially put you or your company at risk. If you’re concerned that you may be sharing too much online, or if you’re not sure what NOT to share, the infographic below created by our friends at Digital Guardian provides some helpful tips to change your social media life for the better.


Social Media Oversharing Security Risks Infographic

Infographic by Digital Guardian