That’s a Wrap! December Closes Out 2018 With Top Press Hits

Uncategorized Posted Jan 11, 2019 by Gabrielle Kondracki

Cadenza Innovation

Quartz, Inside BYD—the world’s largest maker of electric vehicles

In a deep dive into the world of electric vehicle manufacturing in China, Quartz takes a look at some of the largest manufacturers and the government’s role in their success. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, CEO of Cadenza Innovation and a long-time battery entrepreneur who has worked in China over the last 20 years, spoke about her thoughts on if subsidies should be cut in China.



CRN, The 10 Hottest Industrial IoT Startups Of 2018

Claroty earned its place in CRN’s “Hottest Industrial IoT Startups of 2018” following a blockbuster year of business activity. Aside from major platform updates and the formal launch of its channel program, the highlight of 2018 was the company’s $60 million Series B funding round. The prominent syndicate of investors of the funding round, including industrial operators and control system vendors, was a ringing endorsement for Claroty’s technology and services.


Digital Guardian

Risk Management Magazine, Mitigating Third Party Risk in Supply Chains

As a complex web of manufacturers, business partners, suppliers and other third parties, the modern-day supply chain is no stranger to attacks. While most may associate supply chain risk with physical goods/services companies produce, the risk is just as real for the data that companies own. In this guest byline for Risk Management Magazine, VP of global services Mark Stevens asserts that at its crux, managing supply chain risk is a data problem—if a company does not have knowledge about where that information is going throughout the supply chain, it could jeopardize the company’s future, profits and brand.


Duo Security

The CyberWire, Apple Device Enrollment Program vulnerabilities explored.,

In an interview with The CyberWire, Duo Security’s Senior R&D Engineer James Barclay sits down with Research Saturday’s host, Dave Bittner to discuss research regarding Apple’s Device Enrollment Program. On the podcast, Barclay discusses discovered vulnerabilities that could expose users of the service to potential issues from social engineering and rogue devices.



Krebs on Security, Feds Charge Three in Mass Seizure of Attack-for-hire Services

With the news regarding authorities in the United States bringing down criminal hacking charges against three men as part of an unprecedented, international takedown attack-for-services that helped paying customers launch tens of thousands of digital sieges capable of knocking Web sites and entire next providers offline, Brian Krebs of Krebs of Security turned to Flashpoint’s Director of Security Research, Allison Nixon. In his piece, Allison delve deeper into the matter as she gave insight into the booter service’s illegality.


Forum Systems

CSO, 13 data breach predictions for 2019

In this 2019 prediction round up article, industry experts weigh in on how they think the nature and consequences of data breaches will change in the coming year. Jason Macy, CTO at Forum Systems predicts that API breaches will expose more sensitive company information, and attackers will target API vulnerabilities to steal data and personally identifiable information (PII), resulting in high cost and damaged reputations. “Because of an overreliance on legacy IT security and insecure API management frameworks and toolkits, most customers will be unaware of these breaches until well after the attacks are executed,” says Jason.



Dark Reading, How Well Is Your Organization Investing Its Cybersecurity Dollars?

In a byline for Dark Reading, Jack Jones, Chairman of the FAIR Institute and Executive VP of Research and Development for RiskLens, writes that the principles, methods, and tools for performing good risk measurement already exist and are being used successfully by organizations today. Jack says, “Every dollar spent on cybersecurity is a dollar that can’t be spent on the many other business imperatives with which an organization must deal. For this reason (and because we have an inherent obligation to be good stewards of our resources), we must be able to effectively measure and communicate the value proposition of our cybersecurity efforts.”



Security Boulevard, 3 Ways CISOs Can Boost Their Credibility Within the Enterprise

In a series of interviewing former CISOs, Security Boulevard’s Ericka Chickowski sits down with SafeBreach’s Co-founder and CEO (and former CISO) Guy Berjerano to collect the lessons he’s learned about being a CISO after he stopped being one. Whether it be ensuring the very important outcome of protecting business assets without being handed the authority or organizational ownership to fully assure that outcome or cutting through vendor FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), Guy gives an inside look into his life as CISO.