The Intersection of Technology and Romance

Uncategorized Posted Feb 14, 2013 by chenpr

facebookIt’s no secret that we live in a world ruled by the latest gadgets and communicating everything over a wifi network.  As a millennial who embraces all things high tech, on this day I find myself wondering how people, of all generations, feel about tech staking its claim in Valentine’s celebrations.  Does the increase in ease and convenience in finding something for the special someone take away from the romance and acts of grandeur?  How would you feel if you received E-card rather than something handwritten from your significant other?  Is an iPad more desirable than diamonds? But then again maybe I’m not qualified to answer that since, like I said, I’m a millennial (a millennial in the business of high tech PR) and I probably wouldn’t hesitate to choose an iPad.

The case may be that Valentine’s Day is losing its luster and simply becoming another day of gift exchange among loved ones.   Or is my perception clouded by the typical behaviors of my generation? If you ask me it’s a tough dilemma because romantic gestures are special and lovely but I also really want an iPad and my birthday isn’t for another 6 months.

Against what may be my better judgment, I’m going to bring up the generational gap because I think that is a big part of why we are seeing new trends in Valentine’s Day behavior and romance in general.  I know if my Dad sent my Mom an e-card on Valentine’s Day there would be an issue, but if someone sent me a love themed GIF or internet meme I wouldn’t take issue, I would share it on my Facebook wall.  So maybe it is just the evolution of the holiday influenced by the nature of communication among younger generations.   Since tech is such a big part of our world in general it’s now a big part of Valentine’s Day by extension.


Based on all of the sales and promotions from consumer tech companies this Valentine’s Day, it would lead one to believe that the way we are romantic is different depending on our generation.PinkRazrM

For example, Motorola is marketing its Droid Razr M in a new pink color as the perfect gift for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day.   In today’s tech-driven world, gifting a high-end gadget is an acceptable expression of romance.

I’m not sure if my explanation is really the reason behind this trend of a high tech holiday.  But I believe the way younger generations express themselves (ecards, emojis, text messaging) must play a role in the new Valentine’s tradition of gadgets and Internet greetings.