United We Shall Stand in 2016

Uncategorized Posted Dec 15, 2015 by Jennifer Torode

With the warm temperatures in Boston, getting in the Christmas spirit, for me, has required extra effort this year. I’m not saying I want a foot of snow in December but having a dusting of white powder and perhaps cooler temps would help make things more festive. I’m sure my lovely colleague Carro Halpin is rolling her eyes as she reads this.

As 2015 is slowly coming to a close, most of us are busy wrapping up end-of-year work stuff or wrapping presents. Some of us may reflect on the highs and lows we’ve had over the past twelve months and naturally, most of us will ponder what 2016 will bring—what things will happen that will be out of our control and what things can we control such as personal or professional goals we want to achieve, etc.

dark 2016

There’s been a relentless rash of disheartening news headlines lately. From the continued barbaric actions by ISIS who practice primitive intolerance that has sparked cowardly and senseless acts of a few radicalized young folks to slaughter innocent people around the world—more than 40 people in the southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon; 130 lives in Paris, France; and 14 civilians in San Bernardino, California—to the continued Syrian refugee crisis sparking international debate to government and political strife here in the U.S. and abroad.

Although many things that happen throughout the world are beyond our control, we can be an active participant in our corner of the world by striving to practice kindness, tolerance, leading by example and being a positive contributor to our communities and even to other corners of the world—no matter how big or small that contribution may be.

I truly believe there are far more good people on this planet than evil-minded characters. That being said, I hope that in 2016, people around the world—regardless of what their skin color may be, what religion they choose to practice,where they reside, what language(s) they speak and so on—can unite to thwart the destructive actions of a few.