Veruca Salt was right, we want it now.

Uncategorized Posted Nov 8, 2012 by chenpr

If you’ve seen the Gene Wilder classic “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (if you haven’t, you should get on that; like I said, it’s a classic) you probably remember Veruca Salt’s ode to a spoiled child, “I Want It Now.”  As it turns out, some 40 years later, this 1970s brat was on to something with this whole “no excuses, I want it now,” mentality.

While attending Inbound Marketing Summit hosted by The Pulse Network two weeks ago, I got the chance to gain some insight on the importance of real-time Marketing and PR from PepsiCo Global Head of Digital, Shiv Singh.  During his seminar on Digital Disruption and the New Era of Marketing, Singh discussed real-time marketing and using it to interact with your audience.

Singh used the example of seeing Lady Gaga walking down 5th Avenue drinking a Pepsi, taking a picture on his smart phone and running the image in an ad the same day.  This doesn’t work if she’s eating a cookie or the ad runs next week.  It has to be relevant and it has to be now.  Whether it’s PR, Marketing, or Social Media, content has to have cultural, timely relevance.

Additionally, I think, not only does content have to be real-time, but audiences have to be able to interact with that content as well.  If that timely picture of Lady Gaga walking down 5th Avenue drinking a Pepsi appears in a TV ad that night, it should appear on Twitter five minutes after it happens.  Because, let’s face it, with the amount of brands on Twitter today, no one is retweeting something that happened yesterday.

The high level of connectivity in today’s society poses quite the challenge for brand managers and communications professionals.  Everything I just said is essentially a case of “easier said than done.”

Real-time marketing requires a great deal of environmental scanning, preparedness and a pre-existing presence across multiple technologies and online platforms.  Are you ready to be real-time? If you’re not, it’s time to start because the benefits of implementing a real-time strategy are significant.  It not only legitimizes your brand’s voice, but it also solidifies your presence as a relevant conversation-starter.

So what are you waiting for?  Go find Lady Gaga drinking a Pepsi and be sure to tweet the photo to Veruca Salt.