What’s Old is New Again

Uncategorized Posted Mar 15, 2012 by chenpr

Back in 1998 when we launched Sycamore Networks, the optical industry looked like it was ready to really take off.  New companies, technologies, innovations were being formed at a rapid rate. Also new analyst firms and media outlets emerged to cover the burgeoning market opportunity.

Unfortunately the excitement was premature and the industry went into somewhat of a lull period. The requirement for high speed bandwidth wasn’t yet at a breaking point. YouTube, Netflix, iPad online video, smart phones were in the future (can you imagine life without mobility?). The drivers in 2000 for bandwidth included Interactive, Narrowcast TV, Broadcast TV, Video Rentals, Business Software, Magazines, CDs and Voice. Sounds a bit like the dark ages.

Optical is back and it’s bigger than ever. This time it’s here to stay with a few statistics proving it:

  • Netflix consumes 30% of the Internet’s bandwidth at peak hours;
  • 1 billion consumers worldwide will own smartphones by 2016
  • 55 million iPads have been sold since its launch, with another 55 million anticipated in 2012 alone
  • YouTube had more than 1 trillion views in 2011
  • The biggest optical event, OFC, last week broke all records with 12,000 attendees

Fortunately a lot of the “action” is taking place in New England, leveraging the considerable talent in packet optical technology in the region.  Now if I could just get Fiber to the Home…..