What’s Up with China and PR?

Uncategorized Posted Sep 25, 2009 by Chris Carleton

If you’re like us, you’re hearing more every day about the increasingly important role Asia generally — and China specifically — is playing for companies of all stripes, sizes and markets.

And also if you’re like us, you’re hearing from fellow PR pros, client execs and others that trying to get — and keep — a handle on the rapidly morphing landscape of media outlets, onlines and bloggers is vexing. And we agree.

One way we stay abreast is through our Asian PR partner — Techworks Asia. On the ground in Beijing and Hong Kong, and working the region generally, Claire Walker and her team have been managing PR programs there since long before it got white-hot like it is today. We’ve teamed with them quite successfully for clients ranging from Fairchild Semi to Boston-Power.

We have the great treat of having Claire and her colleague, Karrie Lee, visiting us next week. Part of that time will be spent getting an update on dynamics in the region and how they are or will likely affect companies doing business there.

And what PR execs should know about how best to leverage the opportunities and avoid the missteps.

We figured we’d share the wealth. So, we’ve invited some of our friends to join in that informal, interactive conversation. We’re hosting it next Wednesday, September 30, from 8:30 – 10 a.m.

We’ve maxed out the conference room in CHEN PR’s office space, so we’re meeting in the Padanaram Conference Room, Building C, here in our office complex to accommodate folks. That gives us the ability to add a few more friends.

So, if you’d like to participate, drop us a note (ccarleton@chenpr.com) and we’ll count you in!

After all, the more insightful people comparing notes on such an important topic the better, right?