When Seeing Your Client on the Hot Seat is a Good Thing

Uncategorized Posted Mar 23, 2006 by metropolis

From CHEN Account Manager Juli Greenwood…

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with John Gallant and his Hot Seat team (including Jason Meserve), on behalf of our client Application Security, Inc. and VP of Strategy and Marketing Ted Julian. It was a reunion of sorts since not that long ago John sat down with Ted for a spirited debate on data security from the VORTEX show floor.

AppSecInc helps more than 500 organizations safeguard their databases. Little wonder that the database security sector is growing at a rapid pace. Each day it seems there’s a new headline pointing to a large scale security breach. One reason the sector’s turning heads is because it simply does not discriminate – it affects everyone. Data security is an issue that’s top of mind for anyone with a debit card or social security number – and for those companies responsible for housing and protecting that data it’s their lifeblood. With 50 million personal records compromised since the start of 2005 alone, it’s likely you or someone you know has been affected.

So next time you hand over that social security number, you’ll likely think about where it’s going to live – and whether or not it’s being protected by AppSecInc. I know I do.

Check out AppSecInc’s Hot Seat here.