Where will you be Friday night? Come to Social Media for Social Change!

Uncategorized Posted Oct 9, 2008 by metropolis

A limited amount of tickets have just been released for the Social Media for Social Change event in Boston tomorrow night (10/10).

All proceeds from the event support Jane Doe Inc., an amazing organization that supports victims of abuse. Personal disclaimer: I am a former intern for Jane Doe Inc. and served on their teen advisory board, so I have seen their mission in action.

Social Media for Social change is founded on the idea that social media has untapped possibilities to be used for greater good. Something powerful that could help nonprofit organizations — organizations that struggle to keep their bottom line alive — get the support and recognition they need to help the families and individuals that depend on their efforts. We want to use the tools that are helping businesses and companies grow to do something more than make a buck… we want them to make a difference.

Join with us in starting a movement that will bring individuals, startups, companies, corporations and the causes we value together to change the lives of those who need it most.

I hope to see you there!