Why an enterprise-level business needs Rottweilers and TSA.

Uncategorized Posted Oct 17, 2012 by chenpr

This past Thursday I spent the afternoon at The Pulse Network where I watched Chief Content Officer Butch Stearns sit down with Jason Macy, CTO of Forum Systems and Randy Heffner, Principal Analyst of Forrester Research. The industry pros discussed the importance of integration for enterprise-level businesses that want to open up their interfaces for broader access into applications – but stressed the need to do it securely.

Randy and Jason went on to describe how a security gateway would be the best option for achieving this “secure openness.” Rather than a traditional firewall, a gateway allows for flexibility, adaptability, and perhaps most important, scalability.

The best part of watching these two industry experts talk about something they are both very passionate about, was their innate ability to know their audience, and know how to best communicate to them. Since they were talking to Business Executives rather than Tech Executives, with great ease they communicated in a way that addressed the needs and understandings of the CIO.

Enter the creative analogies, Rottweilers, and TSA.

Randy expressed the need for enterprise-level businesses to have a “dog at the doorway” to ensure secure business transactions. Of course Butch made sure to clarify that this was not a wide-eyed Lab you could throw a bone to and just saunter on past, but rather a Rottweiler providing your network with a fiercely guarded perimeter.

Just to drive the point home, the panel’s second analogy compared gateway security to everyone’s favorite government organization, the TSA. I think Jason described it best when he said that at an airport, any traveler, using any airline, no matter where they are going, must go through TSA to ensure that certain characteristics of security and identity are met in order to get into the airline system. A gateway can be thought of very similarly, meaning that, a gateway is a central vetting point across the service and data layers for all different types of message formats or “travelers.”

So whether you prefer to cozy up with a friendly Rottweiler or have your own personal TSA, in the growing age data and technology, the need for a secure, flexible and scalable gateway is a necessity for the modern CIO.

A special thanks to The Pulse Network for hosting us – as a new CHENer this was my first visit there and it was a great experience! I can’t wait to see the content they create from their work with Forum Systems as well as working with them on future projects.

Next week CHEN will be spending more time with The Pulse Network at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston. IMS has a very content rich schedule so stay tuned and pay attenCHEN – more blogs from the CHEN team at IMS are on their way!