Yup, it’s officially RSA Conference season

Uncategorized Posted Jan 25, 2013 by Jennifer Torode


PR folks that have clients in the security space are getting RSA fever this month.  The RSA Conference this year takes place in late February in San Francisco.  In all fairness, RSA “fever” started a few months ago.  We work with clients to submit them for numerous award categories for SC Magazine’s awards, and the winners are selected at an awards gala at RSA.  And, then there are the very sought after speaking slots at RSA. We help our clients mold their submissions and then submit and manage on their behalf.

Everyone in the security industry knows about the RSA Conference as it’s the top security show here in the U.S.—a place where security vendors large and small, whether well-established or brand new start-ups showcase their latest solutions.  They send only the best and brightest staff to represent.  The crème de la crème attend and being seen and heard is not an easy feat. Some clients exhibit while others attend looking to network.


From the PR agency perspective, we huddle before January even hits to talk about “the game plan” for our security clients.  In early January, we blend our clients’ goals, fine-tune our press and analyst lists all while keeping a watchful eye on the ever-growing official RSA press list, start building a series of attention-grabbing pitches and we hit the ground running.   Being the first out of the gate when it comes to pitching press and analysts is critical—there are hundreds of exhibitors backed by really super assertive (RSA) PR folks vying to secure meetings for their clients.  Snatching up a top journalist’s time at the show before his/her schedule gets too full is a top priority.

As the responses to pitches start to seep into our in-boxes, we’re all hands on deck, sorting who does what, working with our clients’ marketing teams and assistants to coordinate executive calendars and logistics and also ensuring that reporters and analysts have exactly what they need.  We also make sure that we provide our clients with everything they need as they head into the show—from briefing sheets to being on call if they need anything.  Some of us attend the conference to help manage the meetings and some stay behind to man the fort.

There’s no doubt that it’s an exciting and extremely hectic time for all involved but the effort and perseverance always pays off in the end.  Here’s to another successful year at RSA for all of us.

PS.  Our clients who are attending and exhibiting at RSA this year are:  Co3 Systems, Firemon, Invincea, Kingston Digital and RSA.